Energy Comparator Code of Conduct

ECCC logoThe Energy Comparator Code of Conduct (ECCC) is a voluntary, self-enforceable code for commercial comparator and switching service organisations (“comparators”). Its objectives are to provide signatories' customers and stakeholders with an assurance of quality and best practice principles and to engender trust and respect between the parties.

The ECCC was jointly developed by a working group of commercial energy comparators, energy retailers, and energy consumer advocates, in consultation with the broader energy sector, Government, regulators, and other related stakeholders.(1)

Energy Comparator Code of Conduct (ECCC) [pdf]
Version: August 2015 

The ECCC recognises that comparators are an important channel for consumers to get information about market offers and take advantage of competition by engaging with the market. Consumers must be able to understand and choose the most appropriate products for them, while competitive and contestable markets are strengthened when consumers are informed and can make meaningful choices.

All commercial comparators have business relationships with the retailers they compare. ECCC signatories commit to transparency about those relationships so consumers understand the basis on which comparisons occur.

For further information on how the ECCC was developed, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Signatories to the ECCC

Only businesses listed on this page should be considered signatories to the ECCC.

Comparator  Logo   Signatory since
Compare With Us CompareWithUs Logo 26/09/2016
Compare the Market Comarethemarket.jpg  06/04/2016
Energy Compare EnergyCompare_logo.jpg 03/03/2016


Energy Watch
logo_002.png 23/12/16
Electricity Wizard ElectricityWizard Logo  08/09/2015
Energy Deal Energy Deal logo 23/09/2015
Electricity Monster



iSelect iSelect logo COM RGB - low resolution 06/10/2015
Make it Cheaper Make it Cheaper logo 02/10/2015
Seek_the_Deal2.png 06/07/2016
Thoughtworld Thoughtworld logo 06/10/2015
 UChoose UChoose logo 18/09/2015

Becoming an ECCC Signatory

ECCC signatory logoIf your energy comparison business wishes to become a signatory to the Energy Comparator Code of Conduct (ECCC), please complete the declaration form [PDF or MS Word] and email it, along with a high resolution copy of your logo, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. CUAC will add you to the list of signatories and provide high resolution copies of the ECCC logos.

As a condition of being a signatory to the ECCC, the ECCC signatory logo must be displayed on your website with a link to this page.


(1) Members of the working group: Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre (Chair), Public Interest Advocacy Centre, South Australian Council of Social Service, Origin Energy, Lumo Energy, Energy Assured Limited, iSelect, Energy Deal, Electricity Wizard, Switchwise, ACCC (Observer).

Note that though CUAC acts as the ECCC Secretariat, membership of the ECCC does not imply individual endorsement by CUAC, nor by other members of the working group.