Welcome to CUAC

The Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre Ltd (CUAC) is a specialist consumer organisation established in 2002 to represent Victorian energy and water consumers in policy and regulatory processes. As Australia’s only consumer organisation focused specifically on the energy and water sectors, CUAC has developed an in-depth knowledge of the interests, experiences, and needs of energy and water consumers.  

Our work is guided by strong principles. Energy and water services are essential for health, wellbeing, and social participation. Therefore, we believe that consumer interests – particularly those of low-income, disadvantaged, and rural and regional consumers – must be a primary consideration in the development and implementation of energy and water policy and in service provision. CUAC’s advocacy maintains a focus on the principles of affordability, accessibility, fairness, and empowerment through information and education. CUAC supports informed consumer participation in energy and water markets.

CUAC’s advocacy encompasses both responses to government, regulatory, and business consultation processes and the proactive identification of emerging consumer issues. We take an evidence-based approach to advocacy, informed by the knowledge and expertise we have built over a decade of involvement in energy and water reform. To further develop our policy positions, each year CUAC undertakes and supports research into topical electricity, gas, and water issues. We stay abreast of community needs through regular contact and work with non-government agencies, service providers, and business organisations.